Environmental Sustainability:

Environmental Sustainability:

May 26, 2022·

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What is the meaning of environmental sustainability? Environmental sustainability is the responsibility to conserve natural resources and protect global ecosystems to support health and well being, now and in the future. What is the importance of environmental sustainability? Environmental sustainability is important because of how much energy, food and human-made resources we use every day. Rapid population growth has resulted in increased farming and manufacturing, leading to more greenhouse gas emissions, unsustainable energy use, and deforestation. What is sustainability Pakistan? It is a growth that is efficient in its use of natural resources and that minimizes pollution and environmental impacts; Green growth in the context of Pakistan means efficient, appropriate and affordable use of our natural resources and reduces the vulnerabilities of climate change. What is Pakistan doing to help the environment? Pakistan has recently launched an “Eco-System Restoration Fund” for supporting nature-based solutions to climate change and facilitating the transition towards environmentally resilient initiatives, covering afforestation and biodiversity conservation. How do Pakistan clean and green? Five pillars of Clean Green Pakistan

  1. Safe drinking water.
  2. Solid waste management.
  3. Total sanitation and hygiene promotion.
  4. Liquid waste management.
  5. Tree plantation. What are environmental policy with reference to Pakistan? Key specifics for Pakistani environmental policy include preserving agricultural soils, better irrigation, preserving bodies of water, maintaining biodiversity, better energy efficiency, managing urban waste, and developing renewable energy sources.