Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight✈️

Feb 10, 2023·

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Lessons from the last session: Taking Flight✈️

Today I will post my final blog, which will be about my final Amal Career-Prep Fellowship online session. Yes, I’m talking about February 5, 2023. The day was full of memories.

“Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

― Mahatma Gandhi

Amal Academy is a project supported by Stanford University that assists Pakistani youngsters in acquiring the professional skills necessary to realize their career aspirations. After an intense application, a phone interview, and a selection process that includes an activity center and orientation class, I was accepted as one of the selected fellows in batch 272 When I first joined, I initially assumed it could be like other online systems where students don't take themselves seriously, but it was refreshingly distinct from other online classes and programs. It helps the students to step out from their comfort zone to do the best of them. Halfway through my fellowship, motivational lectures, leadership training, time management tricks and lessons in risk-taking and humbleness continue to inspire my journey at Amal.

I was unaware that this would be our final meeting. As I never want to let go of people, I always hate saying goodbye. One of the hardest goodbyes I've ever expressed was this one. Additionally, the last PW (Project Work) is done and starting the following week, there will be no Google Classroom deadlines, group meetings, zoom sessions, or discussions. Because of the weekly workload when the fellowship began, I frequently considered quitting, but our program manager and program associate's enthusiasm, encouragement, and positive feedback, as well as the diligence and passion of the other fellows, always inspired me to stay on track with my other commitments.

This fellowship was very amazing and life-changing for me. I was a quiet, introverted person before joining Amal, where I met a wide variety of individuals. The nice thing was that everyone was optimistic and had objectives, and we all inspired, uplifted, and most importantly, had a tonne of fun together. If I began to describe every single memory I have of Amal, the story would become very lengthy.

I still remember the time when I was completely drained out because of unclear vision, having no goal, and being surrounded by negative people. I used to be unhappy and overthink different aspects of life. I didn't know who I was or what I wanted to do with my life. My friend persuaded me to apply for the Amal Academy Fellowship program

Last Session At Amal:

Although every session is equally important to me the last session is more important because it was the essence of the whole three-month journey to Amal academy that is all about positivity and taking adversity as an opportunity,

"Out of adversity comes opportunity"

In this session, I learn the most important lesson of my life which is to be positive even when you are in the dark phase of your life. It will never let you down. It will give you the courage to deal with difficult situations this is also a very important lesson that I learned in the last session. It is said that “where victims see adversity, extreme achievers see opportunity”. There is always a good chance for us in whatever situation arises good or bad. We can succeed if we take the difficult situation as an opportunity.

What I learned, I will use in the future:

The most significant lesson I learned through the Amal Fellowship program is "Never stop learning," which is a key element of a growth mentality. In addition, I'm learning time management skills that will be very useful in my future job (using a priority matrix, I can manage numerous tasks at once). I'm also getting better at working in a team, which I've demonstrated in our big project. The most significant lesson I take away is how to use smart work to advance my objectives. I am confident that I will deliver my best work and realize my goals thanks to this education.

In the last, I show my gratitude toward Amal Academy which gives us this golden opportunity for the life learning experience and makes us the best version of ourselves.

Last but not the least, I want to pay my heartiest gratitude to my facilitators who are my mentors Ma’am Hajirah Arshad and Sir Uzair chohadaury have always been the best Program Managers and Program Associates at Amal Academy. Loads of Love for both of you. Keep shinning

Now it’s time to say goodbye to this unique Amal family but we will get in contact through different social media platforms. This is the final boarding call. “Thank you.” It’s time for exchanging Contacts information, wishing the best of luck for future endeavors, and making promises to never be a part of.

I will keep in touch with my Amal fellows because now we’re like a family and I had to keep in touch with these beautiful people with beautiful minds and thoughts. Whenever you need me I’ll be there for you Amal Fellows

“Let your dreams take flight”


Thank you Amal Academy!