Feb 2, 2023·

3 min read

Visualizing Your Experience

This is the last blog by Amal Academy for my project work. I was excited & passionate about the fellowship at its start. I started at Amal Academy three months ago as a Career Prep- Fellowship student. I learn about the ‘Amal principal’ during the first two weeks.

**Opportunities don't happen, you create them.”

I am feeling sad & miss my routine after its completion. I am happy to complete it with much improvement in myself & after learning so many professional skills. Besides, I am also missing my learning platform which has plenty of new skills, and habits such as a Positive Mindset, Growth Mind vs. Fixed Mindset, Most Valuable Team Player (MVTP), Amal values & Gratitude

“Just one small positive thought in the morning can change your whole day*.”*

I liked the very first activity which was “Knowing Yourself”. This activity helped me to analyze my weaknesses & strengths. After knowing my weaknesses & strengths I am able how to overcome weaknesses & how to put effort into my weaknesses to make them my strengths. Overall, I did my best to learn new things & make them my habit in the upcoming future.

In the second week, we learned from an inspirational motivational speaker and author, Simon Sinek about Communicating with WHY. At this turning point of my life, I have found the WHY behind my goals, more polished SMART goals- away from lifetime learning. I did not write a blog before but in the second week, I wrote the first blog of my life, Act of Kindness.

Thank you so much Amal Team for giving me this opportunity where I made new friends, and new connections, and learned the most important skills that are needed in professional life. It helps me with what I want to do. How I achieve them by having a positive mindset & be consistent in my work. I taught so many tricks & activities for my professional as well as personal goals. There were plenty of activities in online sessions & breakout rooms which had a positive impact on building my career development skills. I am really grateful to my PM Ma’am Hajirah Arshad & APM Sir Uzair Chaudhary who always supported & encouraged me whenever I spoke in the session.

**This isn’t the end yet. This isn’t even the start of the end. But this may be the end of the beginning.” Sir Winston Churchill was a British Prime Minister during World War II

This fellowship is a memorable Journey in every aspect. I missed the first days of my fellowship when I don’t have enough courage & information about achieving my goals. Now, I felt there is a notable difference in me as to How I evaluate different aspects from a different point of view. Amal Fellowship provides us with approximately maximum solutions for only one reason. We got different views from our fellows & organizers because our batch has a vast diversity of people from different cities. We have done most of our projects in teams.

We were all creating our memories through different activities. We have learned a lot from our mega circle as well as our batch mates. I am thankful to all people who are part of my fellowship for having a cool & learning environment.

I don't want to end up this blog but it’s time to wind up my writing at this spot by giving a huge Thanks to my mentors Ma'am Hajirah Arshad, and Sir Uzair Chaudhary for their dedication to building new skills & my peers, especially Humid Khan, Hajiran, Uswa Irfan, Mahak Mahar, Rimsa for their support in the whole fellowship. Wish you all the best to all for your future.